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#60. Xavier Disley, Aero Piece by Piece, Part 1

From Birmingham, UK we welcome back Xavier Disley. He is the Director for AeroCoach in the UK which specializes in finding an optimal mix of aerodynamics and power production outside of a wind tunnel in velodromes.  Xavier is back to take a close look at most of what you can buy to make yourself faster. You can judge for yourself if your investment is worth the cost. Part 2 next week.

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#59. Billy Oliver, A Year to Beat the Clock, Part three

Today on the Cycling Time Trial Podcast, we conclude our three part series with Billy Oliver. Billy has chronicalled his quest to improve as a time trialist on his blog,, and you may want to reference parts one and two of his appearacens on this show. The easiest way to find Billy’s blog is just to do a search for Billy Oliver Cycling Blog. Follow Billy on twitter @billyoliver80. 

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