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#69. Special Edition-Cycling and your Heart, can we get too much?

This Special Edition of the show is based on an article that appeared in the August 2015 issue of VeloNews magazine entitled “Cycling To Extremes”.  We are growing older daily, even those of you that are still quite young, and the choices we make regarding extreme exercise may impact not only how we enjoy the sport, but could influence our very quality and quantity of our life.

On this show, Lennard Zinn, Author of Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance (and many others), Founder of Zinn Cycles and regular columnist for VeloNews, shares his life altering experience after a life of competition. @lennardzinn

We are also joined by Chris Case. Chris wrote the article and he shares his thoughts as a Journalist and as an Endurance Athlete. @velonews

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#68. Andy Froncioni-Alphamantis Technologies-Part 2.

Part two of our initial discussion with Andy Froncioni of Alphamantis Technologies. Alphamantis specializes in real-time aerodynamic analysis including aero fitting for cycling, triathlon and track racing. Alphamantis also designs and builds custom timing and telemetry instruments for the track and road.

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