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#72. Coach Tim Ramsden-Setting Goals-Part 1

We welcome back Coach Tim Ramsden. Tim is an Association of British Cycling L3 Cycling coach and owner of This is Tim’s fourth appearance and his other shows on Cadence, Time Trialing for Newcomers and Sweet Spot Training were really well received.

Today we looking at the general topic of Setting Goals. Setting goals is of course something competitors are encouraged to do as it tends to focus training, but we want to delve into how to set realistic and practical goals so that the “journey” of training is rewarding and fulfilling. Welcome back Tim!


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#71. Tom Anhalt-Tire Rolling Resistance Expert

From Goleta, California we welcome Tom Anhalt. By day he works as a Mechanical Engineer, designing endoscopic video devices. For a hobby, he provides some of the most useful and interesting information on all things related to cycling tires and practical aerodynamics. Choosing the right tire can (and likely will) make you a faster cyclist, and Tom is nice enough to join us today to share what he has learned (so far). You can and should read Tom’s excellent blog at, and follow Tom on Twitter @tanhalt.

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#70. Dr. John Mandrola-Heart Rhythm Doctor

Dr. John Mandrola is a heart rhythm doctor (Cardiac Electrophysiologist) in Louisville, KY. I would encourage you to visit Dr. John’s (as he is known) website at There is a lot of good information there about all things medical. We welcome Dr. John Mandrola.

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