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#77. Flo Cycling, Jon and Chris Thornham talk aero wheel design. Part 1 of 2.

Today on the Cycling Time Trial Podcast, we welcome Jon and Chris Thornham. Flo cycling wheels have earned a following by producing a quality product and by filling a niche in the time trial/triathlon world. Part 1 of 2.

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#76. Xavier Disley, New products to (hopefully) make you faster.

From Birmingham, UK we welcome back Xavier Disley. He is the Director for AeroCoach in the UK which specializes in finding an optimal mix of aerodynamics and power production outside of a wind tunnel in velodromes. Aerocoach is expanding quite exponentially and has been very active producing products for time trialists and all cyclists. You can find out more at and visit their facebook page. Follow Aerocoach on twitter @aerocoach and our guest Xavier Disley at @xavierdisley. 

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#75. Clarice Chung, sets a new UCI Age Group Hour Record

Today on the Cycling Time Trial Podcast, we welcome Clarice (Clarry) Chung. Clarry decided (with a little prompting from her husband, David Woodhouse) to try to break the UCI Master’s 35-39 hour record which was held  by Australian Adelia Reyneke at 41.386km. Clarry wrote a great blog about her experience at her team’s website, and the best way to find it is just do a search for Clarice Chung, SSLL Racing. Welcome Clarry Chung.


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