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#84. Best Bike Split-Ryan Cooper and Rich Harpel

The quest to combine hard mathematical facts with cycling athletic performance is here and we, as time trialists, have more tools than ever to help hone everything from aerodynamic position to the perfect pacing strategy.  From Best Bike Split we welcome Ryan Cooper and Rich Harpel.

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Jason Smith of Friction Facts-It all adds up.

I remember reading through Velonews Magazine a few years ago and reading an article about chain lubrication. It seems I was likely giving up quite a few free watts just based on my “favorite” lube, which was probably chosen for me by a bike shop employee who happened to be standing next to a display when I asked the question. Can my choice of lube really save all that power? In the years that have passed since then, we know if course it can, and the “friction” industry has grown dramatically. Today’s guest is, in my mind, the guy that started it all. From Friction Facts we welcome Jason Smith!

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