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#88. Saddle Issues Pt. 1-Seth Cooke of Cobb Cycling

From Cobb Cycling we welcome Seth Cooke. Seth is the leading sales consultant with deep technical knowledge of all Cobb Cycling products. As an active and fast age group athlete Seth performs extensive product testing. You can learn more by getting in touch with Seth at On twitter he is @SethCook80, you can follow Cobb Cycling on twitter @cobbcycling.

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#87. Sean Lally of Cycle Systems Academy.

From Newton Abbot, South Devon, UK we welcome Sean Lally of Cycle Systems Academy. Sean is a lifelong cyclist with a passion for road and mountain biking, and road cycle sport in particular. He trained as a cycle mechanic in 2002 and went on to work in varied bike shops, including the award winning Oxford Cycle Workshop and the  highly regarded Condor Cycles in London.

Sean set up Cycle Systems with his wife Julia Lally in 2007 and now works as lead instructor, director, overseeing sales, development and strategy for Cycle Systems and acting as centre Internal Verifier for Cycle Systems Academy. He doesn’t get much sleep! Welcome Sean!

Find Sean on twitter @CycleSystemsAc, Facebook:

Sean references Raoul Luescher @raoul_luescher and the website is

The youtube videos that Sean references can be found here:

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