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#90. Nate Lesniewski-Saddles, Wind Tunnels, Skinsuits and Helmets

Nate Lesniewski is an athlete in Tyler, (I think) Texas. Nate is a listener and he got in touch with a suggestion to feature the Cobb saddles on the show. I thought it would be helpful to feature someone that is actually happy with their saddle choice. Welcome Nate Lesniewski!

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#89. Heath Dotson of HD Coaching. Practical Saddle Issues

We continue our look at time trial saddles with Coach Heath Dotson. Heath Dotson is a cycling/triathlon coach in Asheville, NC. You can learn more at Heath is part of something that we are planning to feature in a future show, Aerocamp, but I thought this topic would be a good way to introduce Heath and get his thoughts on this sensitive matter. Welcome Heath Dotson!

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