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#94. Tom Anhalt is back, fast and aero tire/wheel combinations

From Goleta, California we welcome back Tom Anhalt. Tom is a Mechanical Engineer, designing endoscopic video devices and his hobby is testing rolling resistance of bike tires and computing the aerodynamic implications of tire and wheel choice. You can find Tom’s excellent blog at, and follow Tom on Twitter @tanhalt.

You can find Tom’s first appearance on show #71. 

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#93. The Haywire Heart-Chris Case and Lennard Zinn

Chris Case is the Managing Editor of VeloNews Magazine. Chris wrote an article in the August 2015 issue of VeloNews entitled “Cycling To Extremes”.

A major part of that article was the contribution from Lennard Zinn, a former member of the US National Cycling team, long time author, manufacturer, technical expert and long term endurance athlete.

The article has turned into a new book called “The Haywire Heart”. Chris and Lennard joined us for a couple of podcasts based on the article and I would direct you to check out podcast episodes #69 and #70, as it will serve as good background for today’s show. Welcome Chris Case and Lennard Zinn.

You can find the book at It is available at Amazon, other online book retailers, and many bike, run, and tri shops.

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