#93. The Haywire Heart-Chris Case and Lennard Zinn

Chris Case is the Managing Editor of VeloNews Magazine. Chris wrote an article in the August 2015 issue of VeloNews entitled “Cycling To Extremes”.

A major part of that article was the contribution from Lennard Zinn, a former member of the US National Cycling team, long time author, manufacturer, technical expert and long term endurance athlete.

The article has turned into a new book called “The Haywire Heart”. Chris and Lennard joined us for a couple of podcasts based on the article and I would direct you to check out podcast episodes #69 and #70, as it will serve as good background for today’s show. Welcome Chris Case and Lennard Zinn.

You can find the book at https://www.velopress.com/haywire. It is available at Amazon, other online book retailers, and many bike, run, and tri shops.

Thanks very much for joining us!

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