#99. Coach Joe Beer-Time Trials and Triathlons

We welcome Coach Joe Beer. Joe is in Devon, UK and has 25 years of coaching experience with  both time trials and triathlon. Joe is the author of  three books and hosts a regular multisport podcast, jbst.com. You can learn more by visiting his website, http://www.coachjoebeer.com/. Welcome back Coach Joe Beer!

We had a very positive reaction to Joe’s first appearance when we chatted about the white paper on the jbst.com website which talked about Smarter Training and the importance of keeping the majority of your training rides at an “easy” level. You can check out episode #92 for more information on that. I like to take ideas from listeners and one suggestion that been requested and in fact re-requested is to chat about the relationship between triathlon and time trialists. I want to especially thank James Thomas for his most recent TT-tri podcast suggestion. After Joe’s first appearance I could not think of a better person to chat about this. Joe of course is a multi sport coach and in fact has himself completed five Ironman distance events.

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