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#101. Rob Barrett-Float Aero-Assisted Self Testing Update

I am happy welcome back Robert (Rob) Barrett. Rob has a business called Float Aero that might be very useful to those of us with limited access to conventional aero-testing methods. You can find out more at Listeners may have heard Rob’s first appearance in episode #85. I thought it would be good to have him back and see what he is testing and get some good practical tips.

I am at and @markflorence11 on twitter. Thanks for downloading the show!

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#100. Time Trial Essential Series #1. Pacing

In “celebration” of 100 episodes, we are launching part one of the Time Trial Essential Series. These shows will pull knowledge learned from many different guests on any given topic. It eases the stress of getting guests coordinated and hopefully adds some value to the run of the show. Please let me know your thoughts on this idea at or @markflorence11 on twitter.

Thanks to all who have listened and a special thanks to those who have taken the time to share your knowledge as guests. You have all done your part to make many of us a little faster by agreeing to be interviewed and it is much appreciated.

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